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Bill VandenBoom

Certified Instructor

T'ai Chi and Qigong

My Instructors

I feel lucky to have been able to learn from several excellent teachers. My gratitude for each of them cannot be fully conveyed.

Mike Burgess is the one who is responsible for starting me on my way to studying Chinese philosophy and the energy arts. His enthusiasm and precise teaching style has made it both easy and enjoyable to learn from him. He has been a great friend and resource for me over the years.

Pic of Alex Wasil
Dr. Alex Wasil

Dr. Alex Wasil has been like a father to me and his unique insights into the T'ai Chi form have been invaluable. His knowledge, expertise, and ability in Chinese martial arts, Chinese medicine, meditation, feng shui, face reading, and qi development is unparalleled. Behind all of the things Mr. Wasil teaches is someone who truly "walks the walk." His door is always open with the opportunity to discuss anything from personal problems to the finer points of the art of Kwan Ying Do. I appreciate the many hours he has spent with me outside of class and the confidence in me he showed in asking me to instruct his T'ai Chi classes. He is also a treasure trove full of information on natural healing.

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Pic of Chen Hui-xian
Chen Hui-xian

Chen Hui-xian is a loving teacher whose passion for Qigong is infectious. Her teaching is detail oriented and she always has promoted the highest moral standards. Her dedicated practice of Qigong has truly taken her to a higher level and her mission in life is to spread Qigong to as many people as possible. She invited me to stay in her home on the many trips I made to Portland to complete my Qigong teacher certification. I will be forever grateful to her for this kindness and the opportunity to ask the many questions I had about her understanding of and experiences in Qigong.

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Pic of Chen Fu-yin
Chen Fu-yin

Chen Fu-yin is a kind and gentle man of great insight. His Essence Qigong form is deceptively simple yet immensely powerful. His lectures demonstrated a wide range of knowledge on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong theory, Taoism, and Buddhism. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity be able to spend several evenings with him and his translator in my home when he came here to teach Essence Qigong. His personal advice on how to do Essence Qigong and how to progress spiritually has been invaluable.

George Gajdos, Director of Yuen Sing School of Kwan Ying Do, has freely shared his time and knowledge with me. His experience and insights into the structure and principles of T'ai Chi as well as his detail-oriented teaching style have been greatly appreciated.

The list of my instructors above is by no means complete. My classmates have helped me tremendously. I am also grateful to my students who have taught me much more than they might think.

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